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John Miller

    At the age of 12, John Miller was inspired to play the guitar after seeing Mississippi John Hurt perform at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. He bought his first guitar at the age of 16 and launched into an intensive period of study of country blues guitar by learning the music of John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb, Bo Carter, Blind Blake, and other greats. By the time he was twenty-seven, John had released five solo albums to international critical acclaim.

    Those albums ranged from country blues and old time country music to the songs of George Gershwin. For the next 15 years, John focused on teaching, founding two music camps, composing, and building a vocabulary in jazz and Latin music. In the last seven years, John has released CDs with the Jazz trio "Catwalk", duets with mandolinist John Reischman, violinist Ruthie Dornfeld, singer Becky Kilgore, and French cabaret music with the ensemble "Rouge".

    Says Miller of his musical travels, “I’ve played many different styles of music in recent years, but I’ve come to realize that everything I’ve done has been informed by my early involvement with country blues and the lessons I learned from that music - the primacy of rhythm and the need to communicate with clarity and strength of purpose. I strive for those qualities in the music I play and I hope that what I do honors the memory of my heroes like John Hurt who have passed on.”

John Miller - Atlanta Blues Guitar - DVD
Included on this DVD are transcriptions and teaching of recorded performances from the youthful Buddy Moss, a player who influenced generations of East Coast players that followed him, George Carter, a mysterious 12-string guitarist who recorded only four titles, Curley Weaver, a player’s player, widely acknowledged to be among the finest accompanists in the blues, Julius Daniels, who came down from North Carolina to Atlanta to record early on and Peg Leg Howell, a bootlegger-turned musician who busked in the streets of Atlanta both as a soloist and in a trio with the fiddler Eddie Anthony and guitarist Henry Williams. The songs presented in the lesson will expand both your right hand techniques and your knowledge of the neck, with one song employing the almost never encountered Open B flat tuning. A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD, and contains all of the songs’ lyrics as well as transcriptions of the guitar parts. Also included are the original source recordings from which the transcriptions taught in the lesson were taken. Songs include: Curley Weaver "Ticket Agent", George Carter "Rising River Blues", Buddy Moss "New Lovin’ Blues" and "Oh Lordy Mama", Julius Daniels "99 Year Blues", Peg Leg Howell "Turtle Dove Blues" and "Low Down Rounder Blues".
(107 min) Printable PDF Booklet........................................Price - $29.95

John Miller - Jackson Blues Guitar - DVD
Mississippi attracted a host of blues musicians in the period 1910--1940. Many players from small towns made their way to Jackson, which as the capital of Mississippi and a much larger city, held forth the promise of more and better work opportunities, and the possibility of making a living playing music rather than driving a mule or chopping cotton. The Jackson Blues scene was an unusually rich one, stylistically, spanning the gap from the sophisticated Pop blues of Bo Carter to the low-down blues of Rube Lacy and a host of players working between those two extremes. Included on this DVD are transcriptions and teaching of recorded performances from Tommy Johnson, one of the fountainheads of the Mississippi blues, Itta Bena natives Rube Lacy and Ishmon Bracey, with their distinctive vocal head tones and intense playing, the great Geeshie Wiley, a woman who played and sang as strongly as any man, Walter Vinson, guitarist and lead singer for the Mississippi Sheiks, and Bo Carter, a player with a rich chordal vocabulary and Jazzy sound. The songs presented offer a wide range of left and right hand approaches and ways of keeping time and will expand your your ability to play blues, moving far afield from the simple alternating bass. A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD, and contains all of the songs’ lyrics as well as transcriptions of the guitar parts. Also included are the original source recordings from which the transcriptions taught in the lesson were taken. Songs include: Tommy Johnson "Lonesome Home Blues", Walter Vinson "Overtime Blues", Geeshie Wiley "Eagles On A Half", Rube Lacy "Ham Hound Crave", Ishmon Bracey "Four Day Blues", Bo Carter "Honey".
(97 min) Printable PDF Booklet..........................................Price - $29.95

John Miller - Memphis Blues Guitar - DVD
Memphis has long been a landing place for musicians from the surrounding rural areas in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, and in the 1920s and 1930s, it was a wide open town with plenty of opportunities for musicians to perform their music and make a living. As a result of Memphis’ hub status, it developed a strong blues scene in the 1920s and 1930s, with a host of outstanding singers and players. Many of these musicians had successful careers as recording artists, but a surprisingly large number of similarly gifted musicians went unrecorded or only got the opportunity to record a few titles. This DVD lesson offers instruction in the music of many of the finest guitarists to record out of Memphis in the 1920s and 1930s. Included on this DVD are transcriptions and teaching of performances from the spectacular and hugely influential Memphis Minnie, transplanted Mississippians Furry Lewis, Robert Wilkins and Frank Stokes and more obscure names from the past like Tom Dickson and Allen Shaw. The songs that are taught on the DVD have been selected for their musical merit, but also to build your skills as a Country Blues guitarist, with numbers in D, G, E and C in standard tuning, as well as Open G tuning. The technique building that will come from learning these tunes will give you tools to go in whatever direction you wish to take your music. A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. This includes all the lyrics to the songs as well as transcriptions of the guitar playing. The original old recordings of all the tunes is also included. Songs include: Tom Dickson "Happy Blues", Allen Shaw "I Couldn’t Help It", Robert Wilkins "Long Train Blues", Frank Stokes "Frank Stokes’ Dream", Memphis Minnie "Reachin’ Pete", and Furry Lewis "Good Looking Girl Blues".
(90 min) Printable PDF booklet..........................................Price - $29.95

John Miller - Texas Blues Guitar - DVD
The state of Texas has had a major presence in the Blues, from the earliest days of the recording era right on up to the present day. So many tremendous Blues musicians have hailed from Texas, i.e. Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lightnin' Hopkins, T-Bone Walker, Freddie King. This DVD focuses on the Country Blues guitarists who first defined the Texas Blues sound and who put Texas on the map as a prime location in Blues Country. In this DVD lesson you'll have an opportunity to learn from the music of the greatest of the early Country Blues singer/guitarists, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Texas sharecropper and songster Mance Lipscomb, the almost forgotten Otis Harris, ace lyricist Funny Papa Smith, the spectacular and under recorded Willie Reed, and the Post-War master Lil’ Son Jackson. This is powerful and challenging guitar music, and the technique building that will result from learning to play these songs will take your blues playing to a new level. A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. This includes all the lyrics to the songs as well as transcriptions of the guitar playing. The original old recordings of all the tunes is also included. Songs include: Willie Reed "Dreaming Blues", Mance Lipscomb "Tell Me Where You Stayed Last Night" and "Rocks and Gravel Makes a Solid Road", Otis Harris "You’ll Like My Loving", Funny Papa Smith "Fool’s Blues", Blind Lemon Jefferson "That Crawlin’ Baby Blues", Lil’ Son Jackson "Groundhog Blues".
(118 min) Printable PDF booklet........................................Price - $29.95

John Miller - St. Louis Blues Guitar - DVD
Included on this DVD are transcriptions and teaching of the songs of Teddy Darby, where the guitar and voice track each other closely, Clifford Gibson, with his distinctive approach to playing in Spanish tuning and the mysterious low cross-note sound, Charley Jordan, with his acrobatic thumb work and occasionally raggy sound, and the enigmatic Lane Hardin, who only recorded two titles under his own name. The songs selected for inclusion in the lesson have been chosen to introduce you to a variety of different tunings and playing positions and employ different right hand approaches that will expand your ability to utilize techniques like thumb lead and brush strokes. A PDF file is included on the DVD which can be printed out into an easily readable, 8.5" by 11" booklet, including not only detailed transcriptions of the songs, but the songs’ lyrics, as well. As well, all of the original recordings from which the transcriptions were made are included on the DVD. Titles include: Teddy Darby "Lawdy Lawdy, Worried Blues" • Clifford Gibson "Don’t Put That Thing On Me, Brooklyn Blues" • Charley Jordan "Big Four Blues, Just A Spoonful" • Lane Hardin "Hard Time Blues".
(95 min) Printable PDF booklet..........................................Price - $29.95

John Miller - Hillbilly Blues Guitar - DVD
Included in this DVD are songs from Clarence Greene, known mostly as a fiddler, but an ace guitarist, Dick Justice, who in his one day in the recording studio waxed ten masterful performances, Frank Hutchison who excelled at lap slide, harmonica on a rack and conventional blues picking, Sam McGee, a banjo and guitar master who went on to star on the Grand Ole Opry, Hobart Smith, a musical powerhouse, Maybelle Carter, a rock steady and beautifully lyrical player who may have been the most influential of the bunch and Emry Arthur, a soulful singer and player who recorded one of the earliest versions of Man Of Constant Sorrow. The songs selected for inclusion on the DVD have been chosen to introduce you to a variety of different keys and playing positions, as well as a host of different right hand techniques. A PDF included on the DVD offers not only detailed transcriptions of the songs, but the songs’ lyrics, too. All of the original performances by the musicians are included on the DVD as bonus tracks, both as references and for your listening enjoyment. Titles include: Clarence Greene "Johnson City Blues", Dick Justice "Brown Skin Blues", Frank Hutchison "Cumberland Gap", Sam McGee "Franklin Blues", Hobart Smith "Graveyard Blues", Carter Family "The Cannon Ball", Emry Arthur "Reuben Oh Reuben".
(90 min) Printable PDF booklet..........................................Price - $29.95

John Miller - Country Blues Guitar In Spanish & Vestapol Tunings - 2 DVD Set
Instruction on these DVDs is offered with the kind of patient attention to detail for which John Miller is famous for and all of the original performances of the songs are also included on the discs! On Disc 1, the Spanish (Open G) tuning lesson John starts by presenting an overview to the tuning, how it is set up, and where the foundational chord positions needed to play country blues in that tuning are located. Then he launches into the repertoire: Elizabeth Cotten's serene rendition of the hymn "When I Get Home", Mississippi John Hurt's danceable "Boys You're Welcome", Teddy Darby's hypnotic "Built Right On The Ground", Clifford Gibson's uptown "Bad Luck Dice", Mance Lipscomb's ancient-sounding "Willie Poor Boy" and Kenny Baker's haunting "Legend of the Whistling Brakeman". On Disc 2, the Vestapol (Open D) tuning lesson, John begins with an overview that provides the sound of the tuning, the approach that is best suited to it, and the chordal positions needed to play country blues in it. Then we go to the songs: Tarheel Slim's instrumental "No Time At All", Jimmy Lee Williams' churning locomotive "Have You Ever Seen Peaches", John Byrd's "Old Timbrook Blues", Memphis Willie B.'s eerie "Brownsville Blues", Blind Boy Fuller's driving "Little Woman You're So Sweet", and Jesse Thomas' mind-bender "Another Friend Like Me".
(226 min) Printable PDF Booklet........................................Price - $39.95

John Miller - Intro To Chord Theory & Chord Voicing - 2 DVD Set
In this 2-DVD set master guitarist and instructor John Miller walks you through the fundamentals of chord theory, providing you with the conceptual tools needed to understand chord structure, and then shows you how to apply that knowledge to the neck of guitar, making practical sense of the information so that you will be equipped to voice chords up and down the neck in any key. On Disc 1 of the set, John goes over the major scale and its structure, and then moves on to intervals. He moves then into triads and shows how the diatonic triads are derived from scale structure, following up triads with seventh chords, the diatonic seventh chords and the various seventh chord types. As you move through these topics, you will find a variety of exercises on the PDF that is included on your DVD, exercises that will test and build your knowledge of these topics. John then shows you how to voice triads and seventh chords out of the E, A, C, D and F positions. On Disc 2, John starts out by defining sixth chords and showing how to voice them, then discusses tonic function and seventh chord function. The remainder of Volume Two is devoted to working on songs, seeing how to play the same song in a variety of keys and positions and how to use the way the guitar is tuned to transpose from one key to another in the easiest possible fashion. If you are really interested in understanding chords and ready to work on developing your understanding, Introduction to Chord Theory and Chord Voicing for the Guitarist will get you well on your way towards that goal. Songs include: "All The Things You Are, Autumn Leaves, Home On The Range, Manha De Carnaval (A Day In The Life Of A Fool), Molly Malone".
(205 min) Printable PDF Booklet........................................Price - $39.95

John Miller - Expanding Chordal Horizons - 2 DVD Set
In Expanding Chordal Horizons, master guitarist/instructor John Miller returns to the topic of chord theory. Building on the foundation established in his previous set, Intro to Chord Theory and Chord Voicing, John starts from the assumption that the student has a working familiarity with voicing 7th and 6th chords up and down the neck in a variety of shapes. From there, it is a short step to hybrid 7th chords, 9th, and 6/9 chords, 13th chords and chordal inversions, all of which are dealt with on Disc 1 of the lesson. In the course of learning how to voice these different chord types, you'll also learn their sounds, and how to use them in the context of a song. Along the way, John introduces a Bossa Nova picking pattern to expand your ability to provide rhythmic accompaniment. In the PDF study guide that accompanies the lesson, you will be provided with templates to create your own chordal diagrams for the new voicings you have been learning, and by diagramming the chords yourself, you'll engage with the material and absorb and understand it in a way that never happens when simply taking chords from a chord dictionary or finding them on the Internet. Disc 2 builds on the lessons taught in disc one and further solidifies your command of the material. The songs that John has chosen as teaching vehicles have been selected for their qualities as teaching pieces, as well as their musical appeal. If you are interested in understanding how to get around on the guitar and voice chords up and down the neck, Expanding Chordal Horizons will get you well on your way. And the understanding that you build will equip you to problem solve and create your own voicings in the future as you encounter new songs or to utilize your new knowledge in your own songs and compositions. It's exciting to venture into these new areas! Songs include: "Watch What Happens, You Took Advantage of Me, I Should Care, Blue In Green".
(180 min) Booklet included.................................................Price - $39.95

Jazz Guitar Chords & Arpeggio Patterns - Stacy McKee - This unique book includes 300 jazz guitar chord formations and matching single note arpeggio patterns in a quick reference format that no one has ever done before! Cross indexing makes this manual extremely easy to use and regardless of what style of music you play, we know you will find this to be a valuable, "must have" addition to your library.  Stacy McKee was the featured guitarist with "Les Brown and The Band Of Renown" and for a limited time only, we will include an exclusive copy of his book FREE with your first order!
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